The Fragile X Clinic at the University of Michigan

is open for business! 

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Please call 734-615-3591 to make an appointment!

New Clinical Trial sponsored by Neuren Pharmaceuticals
at the University of Michigan

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May 14 and 21  Ann Arbor
September 23-24  Marquette
June 11 Ann ArborOctober 15 and 29  Ann Arbor
June 25-26 Marquette
November 5 and 19  Ann Arbor
July 9 and 23 Ann Arbor
November 5-6  Traverse City
August 20 and 27  Ann Arbor
December 10 and 17  Ann Arbor
September 10 and 17 Ann Arbor
December 10-11  Marquette

May 9, 2015
Dining Out

June 7, 2015
FXAM Family Friendship Circle Playdate!

June 5, 2015
​Wrinkle Free for Fragile X Syndrome and Autism

March 21, 2015
FXAM Moms:

Let's Do Lunch!

February 16, 2015
FXAM Winter Break Playdate 

March 3-4, 2015
Advocacy Day
Washington D.C. 

December 6, 2014
FXAM Holiday Party

November 8, 2014
FXAM Moms:

Let's Do Lunch!​

​August 9, 2014
Fxam Family Picnic

​July 16-20, 2014
14th International 
FX Conference 
Aneheim, CA

Welcome to the Fragile X Association of Michigan

2015 U of M Fragile X Clinic Dates

The Fragile X Association of Michigan is a resource group to the National Fragile X Foundation (NFXF) and a member of the NFXF LINKS (Linking Individuals Nationally in Knowledge and Support) Network. The NFXF website is loaded with all the medical and technical information you need. 

(click on the logo above to go to the NFXF website)

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Our next support meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 3, 2015.

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The Fragile X Association of Michigan (FXAM)
unites the Fragile X community to:

  • Enrich lives through educational and emotional support.
  • Promote public and professional awareness. 
  • Advance research toward improved treatments and a cure for Fragile X and it's associated disorders.

July 18, 2015
Creative Arts Studio

​Royal Oak

July 22, 1015

Fragile X Awareness Day

August 1, 2015

FXAM Family Picnic 

September 12, 2015
16th Annual Family

FXAM Golf Outing

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